Social Change in the 21st century: Youth-Family-Economy-Migration

Online Inter-committee conference of the Polish Sociological Association,

5-6 November 2020

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Social change * Youth * Migrants and Mobility * Family Life * Economy * Education * Pandemic * Crisis * Qualitative Research * Quantitative Research * Policy Analysis

We invite you to submit abstracts to the online conference on social change: The social change in the 21st Century: Youth – Family -Economy – Migration.

We invite both papers presenting advanced research as well as essays and emerging contributions to research on society in a time of pandemic.

About Us

The conference is organised by four committees of the Polish Sociological Association: Sociology of Youth and Education Committee, Sociology of Migration Committee, Economic Sociology Committee, Sociology of Family Life and Intimacy Committee.

The conference is suppported by the grant of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Contact us:

  • zmianaspoleczna.konferencja@gmail.com

More about PSA:

Polish Sociological Association

Warsaw, Nowy Świat 72

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